1929 No. 8 Catalog

Just added the 1929 No. 8 catalog to the collection.

Some people have hinted that I might not need every catalog, tactfully suggesting that a representative sample might be acceptable. That would be like suggesting to a P&C collector that the eight P&C long bend offset socket studWrenchwrenches (12 point) he has collected is adequate…he really doesn’t need the ninth one to complete the set. What!!?

Even though I suffer from a compulsion to have a complete collection, I see other benefits. Take the P&C stud bolt wrench I recently received, for example (seen to the left). A careful and inquisitive P&C collector might want to know the approximate dates the tool was made. The wrench is not listed in the 1927 catalog but is featured in the 1928, 1929 and 1936 product line-ups. It’s missing again in the 1953 catalog. Now I have a provisional range-of-manufacturing date of 1928 to 1953. More catalogs from the late 30’s and 40’s would undoubtedly narrow that range considerably.

Another reason to have a complete collection exists in the little tidbits of info thrown into various catalogs. Like the colorful “P&C Jiffy Wheel Puller” advertisement on the back of the 1927 catalog. Or the “From a two man shop in 1922 to the present plant seen above” inscription under the sketch of the factory inside the cover of the 1927 catalog. I will grant that most of the catalog information in subsequent years is the same, and often on the same pages, but what about those little nuggets or new tools that are added each year?  How can we be accurate and discriminating collectors without all the information possible?