No. 40P, 1939 Catalog

This week we have a special treat for you! A No. 40P catalog dating from 1939. Also new to the website, in addition to the catalog, is the price list for the No. 40 and 40P catalogs, effective June 1, 1939. We owe a big thanks to Reed Armour for graciously allowing his copies to be shared with everyone and to Greg Kareofelas for doing all the scanning. This No. 40P is special for a number of reasons: First it represents the state of art of P&C under John & Jessie Peterson. Only a Read more [...]

P&C Retail Store in Spokane

One of the "holy grails" of P&C collectors has to be the early wooden box tool sets.  An example from the 1927 catalog is seen below.  These boxes appear to have been made for only a few years in the early history of P&C. While seen in the 1927 Catalog, wooden boxes appear to be absent in the 1928, or at the very least, a mix of metal and wood.  The labels in 1928 were very different and were hexagonal in shape.  Two different styles of hex labels are seen in the 28 catalog; one Read more [...]

First Ford Dealership in McCall

While in McCall, Idaho last weekend visiting family, I took time to visit the Central Idaho Historical Museum. Primarily searching for any old photograph's of John & Charlie's early blacksmith shop/garage there, I was given a biography of Ben & Stella Johnson as remembered by their daughter Ione. Stella was Jessie Peterson's sister. Included in the 17 pages was the following paragraph, which I have included in the website in the page entitled, "Idaho Years of P&C Tools". The account Read more [...]

No. 48 Catalog

I have changed the description of the No. 48 catalog to "1948" instead of "1948 or 1947?", for the following reasons: Page 12 of the catalog is headlined with, "Announcing P&C's Expanded Line Of Pliers, Adjustable Wrenches and Pipe Wrenches".  The description goes on to say, "Through the acquisition of another modern factory [Jamestown, N.Y.] , P&C is now able to offer a complete line of highest quality pliers, adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches." Since the Jamestown factory was Read more [...]

Additional Catalogs

I have added two catalogs since the last post. The No. 48 and a No. 32 that appears to cover from 1931-1933. The No. 48 is chock full of tool display boards. It is a large catalog that is well organized and easy to read and follow. The No. 32 is unique as well, for a number of reasons; The catalog is larger than it's predecessors. Slightly taller but much wider. The catalog is identified on the cover as, "CATALOG No. 32 - Copyright 1931" but contains an extensive supplement Read more [...]

P&C Factory: 1941 to 1990

Finished and published the last major history page for the site. Also finished tweaking the mobile side of the website for mobile phones and tablets.

Next items planned include adding newly acquired catalogs, a tool page and Keith’s page.


Today is a blustery Winnie the Pooh would call it. A good day to update and work on this website. The biggest visible update is adding a great picture of the old "schoolhouse" building that was the basic beginning of P&C in Milwaukie. The picture was most likely from 1923 and shows the building in need of paint and obviously with little recent use. A single model T is parked in front...most likely John or Charlie's. You can find the picture at the top of the "P&C Factory: John & Read more [...]

P&C Store Sales Brochure

I recently added the P&C Store Sales Brochure found under "Extras" in the menu. The brochure was found at the recent visit with the Milwaukie Historical Society. During the 50's and 60's, tool sales from P&C "lazy susan" displays contributed to a large increase in P&C sales. This brochure encourages store owners to carry P&C displays and their preferred means of positioning and maintaining the displays. This brochure dates to the 1947 to 1952 time period, based on information found at the back Read more [...]

Milwaukie Historical Society Visit

On April 14, 2015, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the monthly meeting of the Milwaukie Historical Society in Milwaukie, Oregon. I took with me my friend and partner for this website, Keith Rumgay. The meeting was a small gathering crowded into a back room of the museum. Keith and I were able to wirelessly tether my iPad to a television so I could show pages and images from the website. Keith answered a number of questions regarding the P&C factory and tools and I was able to explain Read more [...]