Additional Catalogs

I have added two catalogs since the last post. The No. 48 and a No. 32 that appears to cover from 1931-1933.

The No. 48 is chock full of tool display boards. It is a large catalog that is well organized and easy to read and follow.

The No. 32 is unique as well, for a number of reasons;

1931-33 catalog cover

  • The catalog is larger than it’s predecessors. Slightly taller but much wider.
  • The catalog is identified on the cover as, “CATALOG No. 32 – Copyright 1931” but contains an extensive supplement section at the back with hand drawn illustrations and hand typed & mimeographed text.  The supplement sections are dated consecutively and run through Feb. 23 of 1933. This supplement was bound separately and glued into the back of the catalog.  The question now is, did P&C save some money by not issuing catalogs for 1932 and possibly 1933 by creating their own supplements, binding them into the most recent catalog and distributing them?  That would appear to be very likely from the look of this catalog. And would make sense especially during the depression years.
  • A number of new tools are seen for the first time in this catalog.  Gear pullers, Ball Peen hammers, pliers in a number of variations, open end wrenches of various types, an adjustable wrench!, “new style” ratchets, etc., even airplane tools for the first time (page 51).
  • Also on page 51, and elsewhere in the catalog, some of the prices have been crossed out and lower prices hand-written the side.  Not sure where Keith got this catalog, but if it was a “rescue” from the razing of the factory, that would be interesting.  Not sure how I could make that sound more innocent…”rescue” is such a nice word.  🙂  I’m sure the statute of limitations is well over Keith.