I’ve added the P&C Catalog No. 66200 and associated price sheet that was effective April 25, 1966. This catalog has been in my possession for quite some time. With all the hot weather we are experiencing right now there was never a better time to sit in front of the air conditioner and scan an old catalog.

Having just scanned the No. 40 catalog, the contrast between the two catalogs was quite apparent. 26 years of tool development was a considerable jump. Take for example gear pullers. I’m currently restoring an International Cub Cadet 1650 garden tractor and yesterday morning used a little puller to pop the flywheel off the old Kohler K341 engine. A simple one cylinder, 16hp, motor. The No. 40 catalog lists one page of pullers (with one extra on the following page). The 66200 catalog lists 5 pages of numerous choices. Mechanics in 1966 would have certainly appreciated so many options.