“Tool Co. Arrived” facts added

I edited the “P&C Under John & Charlie” page by adding information under the 1923 heading to reflect the information found in the Milwaukie Review article, “Tool Co. Arrived”. The article from February 9, 1923 (courtesy of Keith Rumgay) gives a fairly exact timeline of the start of the P&C factory in Milwaukie.

Fascinating information for me, since it lists other friends and family members that helped get the tool production started in Milwaukie. The photocopy cuts off a line or two regarding the list of names helping with the relocation, so I contacted the Milwaukie Library to see if a microfiche copy of the article could be found. The email response I received was, “Unfortunately we do not have the micro film roll for that year. We have the Review on microfilm for the years 1916 and 1917 and also from 1926 through December, 2003. I was unable to find another resource either.”