P&C Store Sales Brochure

I recently added the P&C Store Sales Brochure found under “Extras” in the menu. The brochure was found at the recent visit with the Milwaukie Historical Society. During the 50’s and 60’s, tool sales from P&C “lazy susan” displays contributed to a large increase in P&C sales. This brochure encourages store owners to carry P&C displays and their preferred means of positioning and maintaining the displays.

This brochure dates to the 1947 to 1952 time period, based on information found at the back of the brochure. Specifically, “whose present four-factory operations in Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago and Jamestown, N.Y…” Plomb acquired the Jamestown factory in 1947 and added factory number five, the London, Ontario factory in 1952. This brochure would have been printed in that time period.