Today is a blustery day…as Winnie the Pooh would call it. A good day to update and work on this website.

The biggest visible update is adding a great picture of the old “schoolhouse” building that was the basic beginning of P&C in Milwaukie. The picture was most likely from 1923 and shows the building in need of paint and obviously with little recent use. A single model T is parked in front…most likely John or Charlie’s. You can find the picture at the top of the “P&C Factory: John & Charlie” page. Thanks to the Milwaukie Historical Society for that great pic. Keith had given me a copy of the photo last year but it was a photocopy of a photocopy. At the Milwaukie museum I found one that was closer to the original and the resulting scan was much better.

Less obvious changes are re-naming the headings and page titles under the “P&C Factory” menu title, cleaning up the html coding for all the pictures on the website as well as optimizing the alt tags associated with the pictures, backing up the html for each page in case of disaster, etc.

The “P&C Factory: 1941-1990” is completed and I should make it visible in the next few days. Just letting it “perk” a few days for more proofreading and error checking.